With over 400 years of history, Mezcal is Mexico’s oldest spirit, and an integral part of Mexican culture. It represents the state of Oaxaca, where the special soil and weather conditions produce unique varieties of the agave (maguey) plant. These plants are distilled to yield the expression of the land, Mezcal. Its smooth flavor continues to captivate palates and imaginations around the world.

Zignum is the first of its kind, a premium distillate that is clean, crisp and primed for mixability. It is the first refined Mezcal that showcases the agave in its purest form. Zignum is a celebration of our culture, our taste and our passion for refinement. Drink it neat or mix it, the result is an authentic experience that is stripped of excess.

$21.50 / bottle

Preserves the citric and grassy flavor of 100% green agave espadín. Intense brightness and transparency with flashes of silver. Delicate citrus fruit aroma.

• 2010 Sip Awards | Gold Medal
• 2010 Beverage Testing Institute | Gold Medal
• 2014 San Francisco Spirit Awards | Silver Medal
• Mediterranean Wine & Spirit | Terravino

• 5cl Zignum Silver + 1.5cl Triple sec
• 2cl Lemon juice, 5cl Cranberry juice + orange twist
Shake all ingredients with plenty of ice. Pour into cooled Martini glass, adorn with orange twist.
Zignum Lemon
• 5cl Zignum Silver
• 1 Fanta lemon + orange slice
Fill a collins glass with ice. Cool with imperial spoon and remove excess water. Add Zignum Silver and slowly pour in lemon mixer. Adorn with orange slice.
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