In 1997 the estate was purchased by the British Bamford family, founders of Daylesford Organic, one of the UK’s most sustainable farms. Passionate about environmentally friendly farming they wished to bring this natural approach to Léoube.

Roman Ott, a trained agronomist who specializes in enology, manages the estate’s vineyards since 2000 with a gentle blend of biodynamics, organic agriculture and know-how, ensuring Léoube’s renewal and identity. The family and Mr. Ott are all committed to this back-to-basics philosophy and aim to strengthen the biodiversity and natural defences of the land by employing traditional growing methods and using only natural, non-toxic treatments. The goal is clear: get the healthiest and most balanced fruit possible!

The grapes are from 25-year-old organically farmed vines – the hand-picked Grenache, Cinsault, Mourvèdre and Syrah grapes that make up this wine bring a remarkable fruity flavour and a fair balance between alcohol and aromas. The juice extraction is slow and delicate giving a pale and clear colour. The proximity of the sea and the cool nights shape this rosé. The salinity, perceptible on the nose and on the palate, brings unusual character to the wine. Delicious, regardless of the season!

The iconic LOVE rosé from Léoube is a classic of Provence style: delicate, dry, salmon pink in colour, with aromas of peach and wild red berries on the palate.

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