Since 1964, bold blends have been Champagne Jacquart’s signature style. Uniquely styled to reveal the finesse and forthright character of Chardonnay, with refined and delicate aromas adding an elegant touch to those special moments of everyday life.

From the moment they are designed to the moment they are savoured, Champagnes take time. Several years spent in cellars impart balance and finesse. When you uncork a bottle of Champagne Jacquart, time stands still, inviting you to take a break and enjoy life’s little pleasures.

Responding to modern-day needs, each tasting experience is new and unique. A youthful spirit suffuses each glass with hallmark finesse, the signature style of house and vineyard. Each wine is crafted as a harmonious, elegant mosaic of flavours and fusion of expertise and passion.

Satin pale yellow with golden nuances and jade highlights. Fine bubbles herald a fresh and fairly rich Champagne.


Flowery scents of honeyed, honeysuckle petals, fruit aromas of crushed pear, candied lemon and peach, and soft, creamy notes with biscuit and fresh bread crust unfurl on first pour.


Fleshy, fruit-driven weight develops on the palate which is forthright, ethereal and generous.

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