La Muleta wine range

Murviedro has become one of the leading wineries in the Region of Valencia. Its continental climate with Mediterranean influence provides its wines with a characteristic personality, that tinges them with remarkable nobility and softness.

Bodegas Murviedro was founded in 1927 by the Schenk family, who currently dwell at the town of Requena; a land with over a thousand years of wine making history. Murviedro comes from Latin “Muri Veteres”, the old town walls that embrace the old Villa of Requena and that witnessed numerous battles during the Reconquista period.

With an award-winning portfolio and a strong international presence, Bodegas Murviedro is well on its way to become a true global brand. The company prides itself on combining the most modern winemaking techniques and careful selection in the vineyards.

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