Farm-Fresh Mushrooms

Mushrooms Fresh From The Farm

Our fresh and dried varieties of exotic mushrooms come direct from selected South African growers.

Shimeji – White Or Brown 150g 1kg / 2kg
Shimeji Mix 1kg 1kg
Enoki 100g 1kg / 2kg
Shiitake 120g 1kg / 2kg
King Oyster (Eryngii) 120g 1kg / 2kg
Exotic Mix 150g 1kg / 2kg
Maitake 150g 1kg
Portabellini 120g 1kg / 2kg
White Button 5kg 5kg
Shiitake Dried 40g 200g
Porcini Dried 25g 200g
Exotic Mix Dried 40g 200g
Truffle Oil (Strong Black) 50ml 250ml

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