Did you know Yeoman Group South Africa supplies high quality cold meats under the “Ricomondo” label? We’ve perfected the fine Italian art of dry curing and smoking meat, to produce world class Charcuterie that can compare to any top quality Italian product.

All Ricomondo products are manufactured with the upmost care under stringent hygiene conditions with only the best quality South African pork & beef.

We stock a comprehensive array of cold meats such as Salami, Coppa, Pancetta, Prosciutto, Salametti, Salamini’s as well as Bresaola, Black Forest Ham, cooked and smoked Hams, Pastramis, Carpaccio’s etc.

We’ve invested in the latest packaging technology to deliver the product to the client in pristine condition. Our cold cut meat range can then be air or sea freighted to Male’ from our South African operation located in Cape Town.
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  • Alpenspeck – Seasoned, cured and lightly smoked Tyrolian Ham, Available in small pieces ± 600g and whole ± 2.3kg.
  • Bresaola / Buendnerffleisch – A cured extra lean cut of beef from the leg. Available in whole ± 1.8kg or half ± 900g pieces or boxes of 30 x 100g interleaved pre sliced packs.
  • Chorizo – Dry cured, ring shaped pork sausage seasoned with garlic, paprika, chilli and other spices. May be served sliced as is or delicious fried in seafood paelia, pasta dishes. Available in individual packs of 300g each. 12 per box.
  • Salami sticks – Thin salami sticks, ideal for snack platters and for the little hunger in between. Available in 100g packs. 30 per Box.
  • Cacciatorini – Cocktail versions of the Salami Nostrano, fermented and aged in the traditional Italian manner. Available in 200g packets or 24 per box.
  • Coppa – Cured neck of pork. Available in ± 1.2kg pieces or boxes of 30 x 100g interleaved pre sliced packs.
  • Black Forest Ham – Dry cured and well smoke ham as traditionally made in the Black Forest region of Germany. Available in whole ± 3.2kg or half ± 1.7kg pieces or boxes of 30 x 100g interleaved pre sliced packs.
  • Garlic ring Salami – Ring shaped Salami flavoured with garlic and fermentedmin the traditional Italian style. Available in 300g packs or 12 per box.
  • Chorizo Cacciatorini – Cocktail version of Chorizo Salami. Available in 200g packs or 24 per box.
  • Parma Style Ham / Prosciutto Crudo – A traditional Italian dry cured Ham. Available in halfs ± 1.7kg or boxes of 30 x 100g interleaved pre sliced packs.
  • Salami Nostrano – Coarsely ground Salami, cased and fermented in natural gut, Farmer style. Available in large ± 1.8kg or smaller (± 300g) pieces.
  • Salametti – Small, Italian style Salamis. Available in boxes of 15 x 200g.
  • Salami Peperoni – Salami with a soft texture and a characteristic slightly spicy paprika flavour perfect for pizza. Available whole ± 800g.
  • Salami Ricomondo – A traditional Italian style fermented Salami made with best quality pork. Available ± 2.2kg or small boxes of 30 x 100g interleaved pre sliced packs.
  • Salami Felino – Italian-style with a finer texture, spiced with whole peppercorns cased and fermented in natural gut. Available in various sizes 300 – 500g.

Yeoman Agencies Cold Cuts - full range

“Ricomondo” high quality cold meats (click to enlarge, right-click, save-as to download)

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