Grass-Fed Beef

You’ve been asking for it, and we’ve listened!

Yeoman Agencies South Africa has now added grass-fed beef to our already comprehensive product range.

Cattle are raised in extensive farming conditions and take up to two years to mature. During this time they feed off natural grass and are free to roam the countryside.

We believe that this is where they get their distinctive flavour.

The beef is free from hormones or routine antibiotics – animals are only given antibiotics if they fall sick.

We have Tenderloin & Rib Eye available in Grass Fed Beef. These would make fantastic additions to any menu.

Fruit & Vegetables

Yeoman-Agencies South Africa is pleased to announce the launch of our Fruit & Vegetable export supply.

Being in the Southern Hemisphere, our seasons stand in opposition to those of Europe and North America making South Africa an attractive option for the purchase of fresh produce. We supply a wide range of fruit and vegetables, mostly locally sourced, and are confident that we deliver the highest quality.

We pride ourselves on our dedicated suppliers who are located in different geographical and climactic locations in South Africa to ensure continuity of supply of seasonal items.

We have negotiated excellent airfreight rates & can deliver your fruit & vegetable requirements 7 days a week to coincide with your supply dhoni.

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